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1. Croe
2. Ewe & Maree
3. Lax & Hope
4. Dionard & Polla
5. Hope & Strathmore
6. Borgie & L. Loyal
7. Naver
8. Strathy
9. Halladale
10. Thurso

Caithness & Sutherland

11. Shin
12. Oykel
13. Carron
14. Connon
15. Beauly
16. Brora
17. Helmsdale


Glencalvie Lodge
Glencalvie Lodge for 14 - Diebidale Lodge for 10 - Salmon fishing for up to 4 rods - Trout fishing and stalking. Glencalvie has some of the best fishing on the River Carron, including the famous Falls Pool, providing salmon fishing for up to 4 rods.

R. Carron


Syre Lodge
Lodge for 10 - Salmon fishing for 6 rods. An outstanding estate in north Sutherland extending to about 24,000 acres and including three double rod beats on the River Naver. The River Naver is one of Scotland's finest rivers, and flows northwards from Loch Naver for 21 miles before flowing into Torrisdale Bay. The river runs through the unspoilt scenery of Strathnaver and the combination of the beautiful setting, the outstanding fishing and exceptional comfort of the lodge, makes Syre the ultimate location for fishermen.

R. Naver


Stack Lodge
Lodge for 8 - Salmon fishing 2 rods Loch Stack - Lodge & 2 rods (Boat on Loch Stack) from £1625 per week The estate has fishing over the entire River Laxford catchment including Lochs More and Stack, the latter being the more productive.

R. Laxford & L. Stack


Hope Lodge
Lodge for 12 - Salmon & Seatrout fishing 5 rods - Trout fishing - Stalking - Walked-up Grouse - Duck flighting - Woodcock - Prices from £3790 per week The main emphasis at Hope has historically been on the fishing; the River Hope, for 3 rods, flows out of Loch Hope immediately below the lodge, and runs for about two miles into the sea, with seven named pools, the lower ones being tidal. The estate also has a boat (2 rods) on Loch Hope, now reckoned by many to be the best sea trout loch in Scotland; and there are several hill lochs where brown trout can be caught.

R & L. Hope


Dounie Cottage
River Carron. Cottage for 4 - Salmon fishing on two 2 rod beats - Fishing from £320 per beat (2 rods) per week - The Bard cottage from £270 per week Dounie is a well loved beat on the River Carron extending to about 1½ miles of double bank and a further ½ mile of single bank opposite Cornhill. There is salmon fishing for 4 rods over two beats with 20 named pools, all of which are easily accessible.

R. Carron


Lower River Brora Fishings
North & South Bank - Salmon fishing for 4 rods on each bank - Prices 4 rods from £745 to £3200 per week Apart from providing some wonderful fly water, The Lower Brora enjoys a full season from February through to October, and in recent years has enjoyed a consistent spring run, excellent summer grilse fishing and a true autumn run in September and October, with fresh fish being caught up to the last day of the season. In 2000, some parties recorded excellent fishing with highlights of 43 fish to one party of mixed salmon and grilse in July, the best fish over 18lbs, and a week of 25 in October. The Lower River Brora offers the flyfisherman, fishing from either bank, a tremendous variety of fishing set amongst beautiful scenery with a chance of some outstanding sport.

R. Brora


Cornhill Fishings
River Carron Salmon fishing 2 rods let by the week. Cottage also available.

R. Carron


Gledfield Fishings and Carron Cottage
Cottage for 6 - Salmon Fishing for 2 rods from £380 per week - Carron Cottage from £300 per week The Gledfield fishings extend from below the Carron Bridge for approximately a mile up the south bank to a point above the Macgregor pool. This is a renowned beat for the early springer. It shares with the Cornhill beat, such inviting pools as The Raven, The Little Falls and The Gledfield. The beat provides salmon fishing for 2 rods on some classic fly water and there are 14 named pools. There is good access to the river, and fishing is eased by the platforms which have been erected on some of the pools.

R. Carron


Rhidorroch House
Accommodation for up to 14 - 4 rods on River Ullapool - 4 rods on River Rappach - 2 boats on Loch Achall - Salmon & trout - Numerous hill lochs - Red & Sika stalking - House & fishing from £3200 per week. The Ullapool River, although a spate river, holds up well for 4 or 5 days due to the 2 mile long Loch Achall at its head. It provides superb fly fishing on two beats, for up to 4 rods from the end of June, when the first grilse appear, through August and September when a steady stream of salmon and grilse run. The Rappach, a tributary of the famous Oykel, is probably the most remote salmon river in Scotland. It has glorious fly water and can provide spectacular sport for four rods given good conditions, from July until the end of September.

R. Ullapool & R. Rappach

East Rhidorroch Lodge

East Rhidorroch Lodge
Accommodation for up to 10 - Salmon fishing 2 rods on River Rappach - Loch trout fishing - Lodge & fishing from £3750 per week The River Rappach, a tributary of the famous Oykel, provides some excellent salmon fly water for 2 rods, and given good water conditions fishes well from July onwards. There are numerous hill lochs within an hour's walking distance, together with a boat on Loch Achall. There is also a boat on Loch Damh which can be accessed by either 4-wheel drive or on foot.

R. Rappach


Inverbroom Lodge
Lodge for 14 - Salmon 4 rods - Trout fishing - Stalking - Lodge & fishing from £1650 per week The Broom is a classic spate river and the house has the sole rights to fish the near bank of the river with 4 rods fly only. There are 25 pools. There is a catch and release policy in operation in keeping with other west coast rivers. Fishing runs from mid-June to the end of September. There is plentiful trout fishing on lovely remote hill lochs and a boat is available on the largest of these.

R. Broom

Glencarron Lodge
Accommodation for 12 - Salmon & trout fishing - Red deer stalking - Lodge & fishing from £2050 per week - Lodge fishing & 5 stags £3600. Apart from salmon and sea trout fishing on the River Carron and Loch Sgamhain, there are also a number of hill lochs, some of which contain Arctic Char. Loch Cnoc na Mointeich, on the east side of the estate, has produced trout of 3-4lbs.

R. Carron


Coulin Farmhouse
Accommodation for 8 - Salmon & trout fishing - Red deer stalking - Farmhouse & fishing from £1650 per week - Stalking £315 per stag. The estate extends over some 19,000 acres and has an excellent variety of sport including salmon and sea trout fishing on river and loch, and trout fishing on numerous hill lochs. Including 2 rods on the River A'Gairbhe and boats on Lochs Clair and Coulin. Early salmon are always a feature of this system, with the first salmon usually caught in April or May.

River A'Gairbhe

Kinlochewe & Lochrosque

Kinlochewe & Lochrosque
Accommodation for 18 - Salmon 4 beats - 2 boats Loch Maree - Trout - Walked-up Grouse - Stalking - Prices on application. The estate offers an unrivalled mix of sport with fishing for salmon, sea trout and wild brown trout, walked-up grouse shooting and red deer stalking. The Kinlochewe, Bruachaig and A'Ghairbhe Rivers provide great variety for salmon and sea trout fishing on more than 11 miles of both banks. The rental of Kinlochewe Lodge includes 4 beats on the rivers and 2 boats on the south end of Loch Maree. The estate provides excellent wild brown trout fishing on Lochs Maree, More, Beg, Rosque and Fannich as well as a number of smaller hill lochs, and five miles of the River Braan.

Kinlochewe, Bruachaig and A'Ghairbhe Rivers

ncheril Lodge

Incheril Lodge - Kinlochewe Estate
Lodge for 8 and fishing £700 per week Salmon fishing is available on one beat of Rivers Kinlochewe, Bruachaig and A'Ghairbhe, rotating on a daily basis, and one boat on Loch Maree and plenty of trout fishing on hill lochs by arrangement.

Kinlochewe, Bruachaig and A'Ghairbhe Rivers

Achnasheen Lodge

Achnasheen Lodge, Lochrosque Estate
Lodge for 8 and fishing £700 per week There is salmon fishing available on one beat of the Rivers Kinlochewe, Bruachaig and A'Ghairbhe on a rotational basis and one boat on Loch a'Chroisg for trout fishing, plus a boat on Loch Maree and plentiful trout fishing on hill lochs by arrangement. Also available is fishing on 5 miles of the River Braan which is a tributary of the River Conon.

Kinlochewe, Bruachaig and A'Ghairbhe Rivers

Ben Damph

Ben Damph Lodge
Accommodation for 12 - Salmon, Seatrout, Trout - Sea fishing - Ptarmigan & Woodcock - Lodge & fishing from £915 per week Loch Damph which has excellent fishing for trout and sea trout is 4 miles long. There is salmon and sea trout fishing available on the River Thrail. There is an estate boat available on Loch Damph and a sea boat on Loch Torridon. There is excellent early season wild brown trout fishing on Loch Damph, with fish of 8lbs+ caught each season in April, May and June. There are opportunities for sea fishing.

Loch Damph and Loch Torridon








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