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1. Lewis
2. Skye
3. Mull
4. Islay
5. Arran

6. Orkney
7. Shetland

It may be an effort to get to the islands, but it can be well worth it. Remoteness does have its advantages .. lochs and rivers are only lightly fished and you will probably have a whole system to yourself.


Don't expect huge fish, the rivers just are not big enough .. just lots of them when the runs are going through.

Tobermory Angling Association

Tobermory Angling Association
Brown trout fishing to 4lb on Mishnish Lochs and Aros Lake.


Orkney Trout Fishing Association

Orkney Trout Fishing Association
Trout fishing club site with comprehensive guide to the brown trout and sea trout waters of the Orkney Islands.


Shetland Anglers Association

Shetland Anglers Association
For the adventurous trout fisherman, Shetland is a dream come true. With more than three hundred lochs, and a supply of hard fighting, wild brown trout that rival any in Britain, it is a paradise for anglers of all ages.


Rodel Fishery

Rodel Fishery - Information required.
Trout and Salmon Fishing in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Fly and spinner fishing for Brown and Sea trout as well as Atlantic Salmon and Artic Charr. The picturesque Rodel fishery system consists of two main lochs and connecting rivers. Loch Thorsagearraidh, Loch Thorro, Abhainn Thorro. Loch Thorro makes the ideal fishery for beginners and the less able bodied with it being situated next to the main road.

South Harris


Salmon on the famous Grimersta System of Rivers and Lochs and Langavat Rivers. A prolofic small river system.

Isle of Lewis

Islay Estate

Islay Estate
Farmhouse for up to 10 or hotel accommodation - Salmon, seatrout and trout fishing - Mixed rough shooting - Red and roe deer stalking - Prices on application. The Estate has trout lochs of great character, some including the renowned Loch Gorm, with boats. Salmon and sea trout fishing may also be booked on the upper River Laggan.


Fearann Eilean Iarmain

Fearann Eilean Iarmain (FEI)
Grouse, woodcock, pheasant, partridge, duck and snipe - Red & roe deer stalking - Sea & brown trout - Hotel accommodation at Eilean Iarmain. Sea trout and brown trout fishing is available on two small spate rivers and on numerous lochs, some of which have been stocked.

Isle of Skye


Lodge for 12 - Salmon 6 rods - Trout and seatrout - Grouse, Snip and Woodcock - Self Catering accommodation - Early season to 10th June please enquire - Lodge and fishing from £2177 per week. The estate contains virtually the whole of the Blackwater River system from the headwaters to the sea and salmon enter the river from June and in high water quickly disperse to the many lochs where they can be caught from the bank or boats.

Outer Hebrides

Uig & Hamanavay Estate

Uig & Hamanavay Estate
Extensive salmon, sea trout and trout fishings together with shooting and stalking over 50,000 acres. Exclusive fishing rights on the Hamanavay and Red River Systems, both enjoying good runs of sea trout and salmon. With four principal lochs, Craobhaig, Cro Criosdaig, Dibadale and Raonasgail, and two river systems, there is considerable variety available. The majority of the fishing is from boats although tenants may prefer to fish the lochs from the bank. The sea trout fishing has been carefully conserved and is of outstanding quality.

Outer Hebrides

Uig Lodge

Uig Lodge
Lodge for 16 - Salmon fishing 4 rods - Trout fishing - Lodge & Fishing £3345 per week. The whole Fhorsa river system which runs from Loch Suainaval to the sea and, together with Loch Uig is let with salmon and sea trout fishing for 2 to 4 rods, depending on the time of year, with excellent brown trout fishing on a variety of lochs.

Outer Hebrides

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle
Lodge for 15 - Salmon and Seatrout 10 rods - Red deer stalking - Castle, fully catered with fishing. Tenants have the use of eight freshwater lochs including Voshimid, Scourst and Ulladale, and three small rivers. Five ghillies are available with the use of an estate vehicle and a sea going launch to improve access to the more outlying systems. The bulk of the fishing is from boats although tenants may prefer to fish the lochs from the bank.

Outer Hebrides

Finsbay Loch Fishings

Finsbay Loch Fishings
Salmon, Seatrout & Wild Trout Fishing - Cottage & House accommodation - Parties up to 20 - Price according to party size. Finsbay Loch Fishings provide salmon, sea trout and wild brown trout fishing on two systems - the Huamavat and the Abhainn Na Ciste system. Flodabay Loch Fishings provide sea trout and wild brown trout fishing with the chance of an occasional salmon in one system. Stockinish Loch Fishings provide sea trout and wild brown trout and an occasional salmon on 15 lochs, with boats on the bigger lochs.

Outer Hebrides

Aline Estate

Aline Estate
There are two main systems on the estate. Loch Langavat, about 9 miles long, is the headwater of the Grimersta system and provides salmon, brown trout and ferox from the estate boat. In 1996, a ferox trout of over 10lbs was caught and during the 1999 season a large number of 2 to 4lb trout were caught. The Tiorsdam system combines both river and loch with the main run of salmon from July onwards, which can offer exciting fishing given good water.

Isle of Lewis









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